Welcome Home

We’ve been in British Columbia for about 4 days now. We made the drive in one day, last Thursday, and have since been at my parents’ place on Vancouver Island, taking an opportunity to relax a little and recharge the batteries before our possessions arrive in Vancouver on Tuesday. Ironically, however, while we’ve been able to relax, recharging anything has been somewhat troublesome because the power has been out sporadically over 26 of our first 48 hours. A giant wind storm the night we arrived toppled trees and ripped down power lines, which left us jury-wrigging the gas fireplace and stove, and inventively preparing our next three meals. Indeed, the 24 hours that followed our first night were spent in the dark. Welcome to BC, you could say.

We ferried across the Straight of Georgia yesterday (Saturday) to briefly visit our new home and officially take possession of it. We took control of a ring of keys that would make a school janitor envious: one that opens front doors, back doors, garage doors, mailboxes, storage lockers, common entrances, and perhaps even more. Our new home is fabulous. It is, quite simply, a wonderful abode. Though small (measuring a meagre 1025 square feet), it is modern, comfortable, interesting, and, importantly, precisely located. It will require some updates over the next 12 – 16 months, including (in my estimation) bathroom renovations, new carpets and new window coverings. Immediately, however, we will be replacing the laundry appliances. I’ll also have a look at new kitchen appliances, for although the ones we have are new, they are paltry.

For the time being, though, we are resting. We are taking in the moist air, the lush, green landscape, and the more conscientious pace of life on the Island and preparing to revisit the moving process once again, albeit unpacking, which is several times easier and more fun than packing. I have a looming suspicion that I did not sell enough of our furniture, and that I will be busy once again on my favourite garage sale website in days to come. If anyone needs a nice dark-stained maple LCD TV table, or perhaps a bookshelf, I will be happy to provide one to you.

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