Restless Surreality

Taking a minute to sit down at my computer, read some webpages and type this blog post is relieving. We were bombarded by our own possessions yesterday when the movers arrived at our new home. Since then we’ve barely taken the time to pour a glass of water amidst a sea of misplaced and generally oversized household paraphernalia. I’d forgotten how much moving sucks. You’d think I’d remember since this is the third time we’ve moved in the last five years.

Part of the fun is realizing how much stuff we have and how big the stuff is. We’re trying to fit house-sized furniture into condo-sized living. Our coffee table is nearly the size of our living room. I’m not kidding.

Sadly, this week is my final week off. I’ve been off work for the last 5 weeks and truly – unfortunately – it hasn’t seemed like time off at all. Of course it’s been a change of pace (and a change of locale, a change of home, etc.) but boy do I long for a full day on my arse with consecutive hockey games, soccer games or what have you on the tele. Truth is I don’t even know where the TV will go at this point. It’s massive-seeming 40 inches will either somehow safely hang above the fireplace, or it will somehow safely hang in the bedroom, or it will somehow successfully sell on Kijiji and be replaced by a slightly smaller version. We’ll find out soon, but unfortunately not before the Masters begins this weekend.

Our new place is great. Once the dust settles on the move, our banking, the introduction to my new job and we begin making forward progress instead of just trying to catch up, I think I’ll be a sincerely happy camper here in Vancouver. Besides, by then it will be summer.

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  1. O, I hear you abut this sitting on your arse and watching hockey all day long….I haven´t had one of those in ages.


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