This facility exists about ten blocks from my new home, in Vancouver. I find it very Gotham-esque in its Deco stylings. Rather odd I think for a mental health building to have been done in this architectural style; even moreso to have remained to this day (especially in the posh Shaughnessy neighbourhood), but like Deco itself, it is interesting and unique. I only wish it was painted in peach, not unlike many South Beach hotels in Miami. I’m sure, however, that the interior is slathered in peach as so many hospitals are.

Symbolic food for thought right now as I continue settling in, adjusting to my new job (which begins in earnest this coming week) and figuring out the finer details of what the heck we actually did here.

I’ve several draft posts in the works and on file. Some require words, others pictures.

This week is the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival. It will be busy but fun. Just like it is every year.

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