Slow Drip

I am ashamed. It’s pathetic that I’ve blogged only four times in April, and 9 times since the beginning of March. I don’t know what the problem is. I have lots to share, but I can’t seem to find the energy to type. On a brand-new computer. In a brand new office, or in bed listening to a brand-new city breathe outside my brand-new bedroom window. Whatever. I must persist. Not feeling like blogging is not an excuse to give up. This is, after all, an exercise in expressing my thoughts, and to not express myself is entirely contradictory to my nature (as those of you who know me can attest). Maybe I’m depressed. Nah, that’s not it. I’m just tired.

It’s raining outside right now. God love it. I don’t understand how people despise rain. Really, how can you not absolutely love the rain? Our new home has a large (for Vancouver) patio that is half covered and half not. I made a special effort to stand outside a few minutes ago to breathe in the wet air and listen to the water hit leaves and pavement, and splash down the siding of our building. The rain in Vancouver is magical. Sure it rains a lot, but I don’t mind. Moist, rainy air smells delicious. Rain is cleansing and it is life-giving. What so many people in the world need and what keeps us alive is literally falling out of the sky. It is precious. Besides, your car gets a wash and sidewalks, streets and yards are wiped clean. What’s more is how green this city is. We’ve leaves now, along with perpetually green grass and lovely flowers everywhere. The rain feeds them, and they in turn feed us. It is warmer in Vancouver when it rains, save for the summer. It is 12 degrees outside right now (11:45pm) and the wind is still. It is perfect.

See! Totally not depressed.

One of the obstacles I’m facing right now is that the things I want to write about are too big to simply hammer out such as I am doing now. They require time, with a certain mind set and likely several cups of tea. Or wine. That might make things entertaining.

I will pursue these topics soon hopefully. I am becoming bored of my psychological, diary’esque updates. I’m sure you are even moreso. Seriousness soon.

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  1. It was gloriously rainy, windy, and sunny – all at once – this morning. Invigorating. I guess going to physio also helps ..


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