Long Walks on the Beach

And candle-lit dinners, too. Yes, that’s me. A blissful romantic.

Actually, yesterday we went for a long walk throughout and around downtown Vancouver. First we grabbed the new Canada Line (probably the cleanest, fastest and most enjoyable public transit service that I’ve ever taken) down to Yaletown, which was so quick and easy it made the $2.50 fare seem expensive. We then walked across town to meet some of my wife’s friends at English Bay Beach. After an hour on the beach, we went our separate ways and my wife and I continued down the seawall of False Creek and then sought lunch at Glowbal back in Yaletown. We then walked the rest of False Creek, down to the new Millenium Water (the former Olympic athletes village and now mixed social housing and high-end condos) and then home. We figured it worked out to about 13 kilometres and took us about 5 hours, including the beach and lunch. It was a truly excellent day. The weather really surprised us. High clouds in the morning turned into brilliant sunshine and warmth (not heat) throughout the afternoon. We weren’t expecting it, and hadn’t brought sunglasses or worn sunscreen (and paid for it), and I hadn’t brought my camera’s polarizing filter.

Today, I’m resting my knee (sore from all the walking), and weren’t it for the more overcast weather and my wife’s desire to do some work, we might be kayaking. Save that for another day I guess.

By the way, I’ve uploaded some pictures from a recent walk around Queen Elisabeth Park near our home. View them on my online photo gallery here.

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  1. A newbie and a brand new major fan of kayaking in CA…Love it
    Great debate – which is more stunning – SF or Van BC? I think we have more fun~
    Pinot Noir Days are June 25-27 in SF at Ft Mason

    Suddenly single


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