A List

I present you with a list since I don’t have it within me right now to complete more than one full sentence, nor scribe my thoughts beautifully or properly.

– had a great weekend with my parents visiting

– we went to the Vancouver Boat Show and looked at gear for their sailboat, as well as other boats. I was enamoured with the new Beneteau 50 and the Jenneau Sun Odyssey 43

– while it rained a ton yesterday, most of the weekend was very pleasant. Despite this, the tv weather people still said they’d called it right, despite doom and gloom and the second coming of Noah’s Ark on Friday evening’s telecast.

– I’m really looking forward to going up to Whistler for four days this coming weekend to celebrate our new friends’ wedding as well as my wife’s birthday

– I had a self-described ‘good looking day’ today. Not always the case.

– my wife’s flowers are all coming up: mini daffodils have bloomed, along with snow drops and now crocuses

– I saw a hummingbird in our yard the other day checking out a candle sconce – I think we might get a feeder for these special little creatures

– my wife’s lasagna kicks ultimate ass, not only because it’s gluten and meat-free. I say bring on all challengers.

– I had the most busy of weeks last week, and look forward to this week which will hopefully be spent catching up on to-do’s, ought-to-do’s, and should-have-done’s

– I’m finding water to actually be delicious right now. Sign of dehydration? Could be – soon to be sorted out.

– I decided that you can differentiate me being too lazy to blog from me being too busy to blog. If I’m not blogging but you find me on Twitter or Facebook a lot, that’s lazy. If I’m nowhere to be found on the social networks, it’s the latter.

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