Where does the magic happen? Here – at my home office! (click for big!)

The bank account took a hit but productivity got a major boost this week as my wife and I purchased and received a new Apple 27″ LED monitor for my office space.

After she read that additional monitors can massively boost productivity, we thought about it a great deal and agreed that by keeping multiple windows open we could more easily balance our individual workflows than we were accomplishing with our laptops alone. How sage that advice.

With my increasingly hectic and crazy workload, I find myself balancing between 25-50 essential emails a day, plus ongoing long-ish term spreadsheets and marketing reports, plus social media, and all the while preparing sales and marketing documents for my team or other projects for external clientele. Simply bouncing between Excel and email all day was growing increasingly frustrating. Heck, just having to scroll sideways to see the entirety of one spreadsheet was pissing me off.

So here we are. The optimal office set-up, likely to receive some positional tweaking, but in its entirety.

Can’t wait to edit some of my weekend photographs on this fantastic display! But for now, wine festival marketing materials that were due a month ago… sigh…

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