And So It Begins… Again

Absurdly, I’ve decided to start blogging again.

It’s not so ridiculous, the idea of blogging, but that I’m offering my commitment to pick up the habit once again after what has been my most lengthy hiatus to date. Several months actually.

This time there’s a purpose. On Monday, in just a few dozen hours, we are off to Europe again. You might remember my daily blog posts from our previous European adventure, when we visited Spain, Portugal and southern France. This time we’re gone for twice as long, and spending ten days in Italy followed by ten days in different parts of France. The Italy part is almost purely vacation, while the France portion is a junket for my company where we’ll be visiting 4 of my French winery clients. I call it work, but certainly not your normal business trip.

I’ll be blogging as much as wifi allows, and I am grateful to have you along for the ride.

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