A Full Day in Barolo, plus Alba and Asti

Our first full day in Barolo is almost up and we still have three more days here, yet we are already talking about returning.

Beyond beautiful, this region is truly majestic. I had no understanding of this region beforehand, so no expectations, and I have become entirely enamoured. We can’t understand why it isn’t more well-known and visited by millions, but rest assured we have no issues reveling in the privacy!

The sweeping hillside and views from our ultra-modern, 9-room guesthouse never cease to amaze us. And despite the overcast conditions today (a welcome abbreviation in the 30C weather throughout the trip so far) we remain breathless.

We took it fairly easy today, driving 35 km to the town of Alba. It is a delightful little town, reminiscent of Whistler, but quite a bit bigger. A main promenade features attractive shops with Italian clothing (more of what I’d expected to see in Florence), wine and several cafes and restaurants.

Seeking simpler food (and not one of the ultra-luxe 18 Michelin star restaurants in this little town – Canada has none by the way) we visited an ‘eno-cafe’ that was recommended by our fantastic guesthouse hosts. There we had a delicious and simple pasta lunch in its brick-walled cellar room, along with some Barbera d’Asti. Afterwards we walked the town and remarked at how enjoyable of a place it is.

Afterwards we drove to Asti, about 20 km further down the highway. Asti is far less remarkable, much more rustic and workmanlike, and without exiting the car we soon left to head back to our accommodations for a relaxing evening.

Tonight we’re considering dinner in the nearby village of La Morra, but have two bottles of Moscato d’Asti in our fridge and some great food options prepared by our hosts. Ah, decisions, decisions…

As always, click the pics for bigger versions!





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