So What’s Next?

So what’s next? The day after the Gran Fondo Whistler my legs are sore, tight and aching. I am proud of my accomplishments, but I want absolutely no part of riding a bicycle today.

I was instead quite happy to couch-surf and watch the final stage of the inaugural Tour of Alberta on TourTracker, which incidentally I’ve found to be a great way to watch major cycling events on my computer. But more on that later.

With the Gran Fondo now in my rear-view mirror, I am staring down my next challenge: Ryder Hesjedal’s Tour de Victoria, which is two weeks away on September 22nd. I didn’t just come up with this idea; no, I’ve been registered for this ride for months as well. A sucker for punishment, maybe, but a budding cycling addict for sure.

The Victoria ride is slightly longer than the Whistler one (140km) but about 25% less climbing. It’s a scenic route that starts in downtown Victoria, swings west out towards Metchosin and Sooke, north through the Highlands, and then runs the perimeter of the Saanich Peninsula: from Brentwood Bay up to Deep Cove, through Sidney and then down the east side back into Victoria.

Having lived in Victoria for 8 years and intent on moving back there someday, I am excited to cycle the region for the first time, especially in a controlled/supported/organized ride environment. The area is so scenic, I can only imagine how breathtaking it will be and how much I will be able to soak in at 25 km/hr. I also have a friend who is riding, who is a major source of personal and cycling inspiration, and will be fun to ride with.

Coming off the Whistler ride, I will be taking it rather easy between now and Victoria. A few recovery rides, with perhaps one or two jaunts to UBC to do some Spanish Bank repeats, just to keep the muscles working and lactate threshold in check.

Below is a route map of the Victoria circuit.

Tour De Victoria 2013 Map

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