A Setback

It seems that my sore muscles from this weekend’s Gran Fondo are not limited to tenderness and mild stiffness. This morning as I was walking my dog, my back went out. It’s a chronic issue I’ve been dealing with for a decade, and one reason why I took up cycling.

Clearly I should have been stretching not just immediately after the big event, rather in the days afterwards as well. Perhaps my couch-surfing yesterday was not such a great idea, as it allowed my muscles to tighten.

It’s a fairly bad muscle strain (I can gauge this from experience) but I have heat on it and some Tylenols. Innumerable trips to doctors have told me that a return visit will be pointless, so I will just deal with it and hope things get back to normal in a couple of days… No riding until mid-week at the earliest, though that sort of mobility and motion might be more beneficial than harmful, so I’m looking forward to my next opportunity.

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