Ride: September 13, 2013 – Rehab Recovery Ride to Iona

It’s six days removed from the epic GranFondo and four days since I put my back out. My physiotherapist recommended I get back on the bike, very easy riding, with limited climbs and limited distance. Yesterday I tested myself with a brief jaunt (three laps) around the park in my neighbourhood just to get the muscles working and avoiding doing any further damage. Success.

This afternoon, I gave it a little more – a trip to ol’ faithful Iona Beach. The route to Iona involves Cambie Street (downhill on the way there, uphill on the way back) but otherwise is very flat, and great for periods of uninterrupted pedalling. Overall, I kept the cadence high, gears low and core muscles activated. I encountered only a small amount of discomfort but nothing crazy, and it felt awfully good to stretch the legs.


Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 8.26.36 PM

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