Saddle Sores

Let’s talk about the nether-regions for a moment. Promise this will be the only time.

Following pro cycling this summer, I’d heard infrequently about riders getting “saddle sores” and occasionally to the extent that some were having to abandon (a.k.a. quit) races due to the ailment. I wasn’t quite sure what they were referring to, but it doesn’t take a degree in medicine to get an idea.

Around the same time I started to develop what I thought could indeed be a saddle sore. A bumpy boil-thing in, yes, your crotch. It wasn’t pleasant. Sitting on the saddle while riding, the pressure of your leg performing the pedalling motion and that slight bit of friction where your thigh meets your pelvis, irritation was occurring.

I bet it’s safe to say anyone can (and probably has or will) experience a saddle sore at some point. Safer to say no one wants to talk about it. But here are some excellent tips for prevention and treatment of saddle sores, courtesy the website Road Bike Rider.

I’ll add one, that as a newbie I’d never considered and no one had told me, to always wear your cycling shorts in the buff – no underwear! The extra layer only adds to the opportunity for friction and warmth, and this is what I think caused mine.

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