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I’ve been so busy riding that I haven’t left any time for blogging!

Looking back at my goals for 2014, I have some updates:

Thrilled to say I’ve already exceeded my 2014 goal of 4,000 kilometres, and it’s only mid-July.

I’ve also accomplished two significant organized rides (one Gran Fondo, and one charity ride) with the Penticton Gran Fondo being one of the most challenging physical experiences I’ve endured – temperatures as high as 44º C on the road over 160 kilometres and upwards of 2,000 meters of elevation gain.

I’m climbing my butt off this week, attempting to accomplish a Strava/Rapha challenge “Rapha Rising” which means riding 8,800 vertical meters over 9 days. I’m half-way there and have the rest of the week to hit it.

I still have the Tour de Victoria Gran Fondo in August, and we’ve booked our tickets to Calgary in early September to check out the prologue of the Tour of Alberta.

Water has been my new best friend; I drink 3-4 litres per day plus whatever I consume on my rides.

The spare tire is nearly gone – I had no idea it would be so hard to get rid of it! Cutting out my morning hot chocolates seems to have had an effect. I’m also trying hard(er) to be gluten-free per my doctor’s instructions. That and less dairy milk, which could have an inflammatory impact on my gut.

Still have 2 months of cycling to go in this season, and although we’re busy getting ready to move to Victoria next month (YAY!!!!!!) and we’re now expecting our first child, I think I can safely get to 5,000 kilometres this season, if not more.

Life. Is. Awesome. 🙂

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