It’s been a while. Having a kid 8 months ago will do that to you. I just wanted to post something, anything, as a placeholder if nothing else and to express my contentment in life at the moment and my satisfaction with where I am right now (physically, spiritually, psychologically…).

Sure things could always be better. Work is a grind and the child is still learning how to sleep. There’s never enough time for, well, pretty much anything. The upheaval of life twists us and bends us. Different stressors re-shape us. And I’ve always been guilty of conspiring against myself: constantly aiming higher and wanting more. The pursuit of perfection is both a virtue and a curse. But every once in a small while I stop, breathe, and reflect on where I am and where I’ve come from, and how lucky I am.

Boy, what a journey. It’s been a long, winding and at times uncertain road, but we’ve come a long way, baby, and it’s only getting better.

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