Ride: August 31, 2013 – Tapered Training to Iona Beach

On this Saturday morning ride with my neighbour, the goal was to taper off my effort per the instructions from my Fondo clinic coaches in preparation for next Saturday’s Whistler Gran Fondo. Slowly come off the high intensity distances, climbs and overall effort since we want to prepare our bodies for the big ride ahead. There’s no more gain to be made from training, they say, so recovery is priority one.

Thus, I took it really easy: low gears throughout, heart rate Zone 1 throughout.

Interestingly, after last Tuesday’s final Fondo clinic, my left hip flexor has been causing me pain during walking and stretching. Somehow though, I experience no pain while riding (at the moment). Regardless, I didn’t want to aggravate it.

I ran into one of my coaches at the end of my ride, who was out walking with a friend. I told her (she’s a personal trainer) about my hip issue and she said it’s definitely hip flexor, and to work on stretching it out, particularly legs up against a wall, where I can best isolate those muscle groups. Good advice. Her friend (a former Ironman athlete) mentioned that “this is the week when your subconscious will find any and every pain to talk you out of the race, and to work through it.” While I don’t think that’s the case here (I’m not a hypochondriac) her advice is appreciated and I will not focus on the pain, but on the preparation and the big weekend ahead. Other than my hip, I feel great!

I cracked the 750 kilometres-ridden mark for August, which I’m proud of. Look forward to seeing what I put down in September!


Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 6.38.48 PM

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